What is Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs?

Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs is a lifestyle blog for women. Here, you will find recipes, affordable style and beauty, home decor and DIYs, travel tips, and more. You will also find the occasional personal post — posts about relationships, career, personal finance and growth, and discussions of current events that directly impact our lives.

The goal of Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs is to provide tips, life hacks, to speak from personal experience, and grow a community. We are here to learn from and support each other. Please join the community by subscribing, following on Facebook and Instagram, commenting, or reaching out with a topic you would like covered, or better yet, and topic you would like to cover — if you would like to collaborate or guest write, please reach out!

Why Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs?

For as long as I can remember, I have been two things: a bookworm and a baker.

I fell in love with reading and writing at a young age, and I’ve hungered for the escapes and wonders that literature has to offer ever since. One of my favorite ways to recharge is to curl up in with a good book, a couple pillows, a blanket, and something to sip on as I dive into the world waiting for me between between the pages, or to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and record my own thoughts.

I have also always been a baker and cook (“home chef” when I’m feeling fancy). Being in the kitchen with my mom, baking dozens of cookies around the holidays, are some of my fondest childhood memories. I started baking with her as a toddler, and began making stir fry (with the aid of our step stool) and lasagna at age six. The kitchen has always been my favorite place in the house, and I maintain that the kitchen is the soul of the home.

It is my love of creativity that has led me to this venture. Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs is my space to share and create. I will touch on everything from recipes and book reviews to style and home decor. Because my love of literature led me to teaching, you will also find tidbits about education and my experiences in surviving high school from the other side of the desk. I’ll document my travels, my practice in mindfulness, and I’ll share some personal essays on topics from grief to gratitude and everything in between.


Although you may not always like or agree with what is posted on Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs, I hope that you will come away with something — a new perspective, wardrobe inspiration, a DIY project, your next favorite podcast, or your family’s new favorite Sunday night dinner recipe.

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